Indian Bracelets

Indian Bracelets

Indian jewelry including Indian bracelets are resplendent having a distinctive position about this earth within the area of ornaments. The special niche of the jewelry is palpable. The jewelry was created since Indus Valley Civilization, Mughal, Rajput and several other dynasties and cultures. They’re crafted not just for ladies but in addition for gods. Rather, in ancient India, nobleman were equally seen putting on jewelry like other ladies of the empire. Jewelry is exchanged between kin on different occasions. Though Indian jewelry is traditional, fanciful and diverse, I must share 5 outstanding beautiful bits of craftsmanship…..

Indian bracelet - copper braids bracelet
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Jewelry is really a subject that interests every lady of each and every age bracket. A lady may enjoy putting on probably the most exquisite attire and excellent makeup however it appears incomplete without jewelry that blends by using it. Indian jewelry designs provide the perfect finish to each lady, making her look irresistible. India is renowned for its background and the jewelry here reflects the storyline of every era. For this reason you’ll find amazing variety here. Through this short article we expose you to probably the most famous kinds of Indian jewelry designs you are able to choose from.

ANCIENT INDIAN JEWELRY- In ancient India, jewelry were produced from natural objects like-beads, down, gemstones, flowers, cloves and teeth. Individuals things too added glamour to folks. Such bit of beauty can nonetheless be observed in some tribes. However the ornaments made from gems and several other gemstones are members of riches jewelry boxes.

Indian Jewelry from India Sterling Silver Bracelet

Indians have been using handcrafted jewelry for centuries. The significance of Indian jewelry is evident in the fact that jewelry has played significant roles in ... read more
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MUGHAL PERIOD Jewelery-the Mughal rule adorned the Indian jewelry further. The ornaments of the empire were the fanciful, elegant and exquisite mixture of Hindu and Muslim styles. The episode of the pattern had a luxurious lush. A few of the jewelry developed in this duration was entirely determined by the works of art performed for that third emperor Akbar. But these kinds of ornamentation is essentially for any contemporary put on.

SOUTH INDIAN JEWELRY- the jewelry of south India is flamboyant whereas those of northern India is straightforward. The south Indian jewelry pieces might be found symbolized within the mural works of art of Trivandrum. The ornaments are ideally produced from gold.

RAJASTHAN Jewelry- though Rajasthan has jewelry made from both silver and gold, it’s manifested amazing position in silver jewelry in India. Rajasthan ornament comes with an ethnic as well as an exquisite appeal.
Indian Bracelet Silver Gemstone Jewelry
Indian Bracelet Silver Gemstone Jewelry
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Indians have been using handcrafted jewelry for centuries. The significance of Indian jewelry is evident in the fact that jewelry has played significant roles in different occasions, as gifts or declarations of status.
Just like a car, a woman without accessories would be incomplete. From earrings, necklaces, nose rings, to anklets, armlets, and bracelets, jewelry gives women exactly what they need to look and feel beautiful.

The Indian variety of bracelets, from cuffs to silver bracelets, is matchless. Sterling silver bracelets and even bangles were traditionally part of the jewelry collection of women. There are customs and traditions that surround these bangles in Indian culture. Bangles were usually made of wood, glass, gold, silver, or platinum. Glass and metal bangles are the most common in India.

As mentioned, jewelry has significance in the lives of women in India. As gifts, jewelry commemorates important milestones in their lives such as birth, coming of age, marriage, and becoming a mother. In addition, jewelry has amorous and romantic connotations as well.

Chain bracelets are more flexible than bangles given their ability to open or close, making them easier to wear. They can be made out of flat metal bands with varying widths and lengths, with an assortment of fastenings such as movable pins or screws. Link bracelets in particular can be constructed out of wire that has been braided, woven, or inter-meshed. Other designs are fashioned of intricate strands that are strung together, or cords that have been looped, forming a chain.

EVERGREEN DIAMONDS-diamonds would be the hopes for all ladies. It may be polished and designed as single gemstone ornament or plethora of the resplendent stone could be developed in array to produce miracles. It’s a great thing about riches. This precious stone jewelry is symbolic of royalty and sweetness since our ancestral age.

Antique jewelry is another kind of jewelry and includes dull finish. This provides it a definite appeal adding to the recognition. Whether it is rings or bracelets, antique jewelry takes best place among Indian jewelry designs. The job such ornaments personifies grandeur. They’re easily one of the highly listed jewelry for the similar reason. Also, such jewelry doesn’t enjoy mainstream production in the present day which makes them more desired. For those who have dreamed of putting on antique jewelry just check out the impressive imitations in this fashion. They are made to perfection with expert craftsmanship.

India is known for its varied colors and culture. All of the colors of the nation appear to become wrapped into Kundan Jewelry Easily known as the jewel among Indian jewelry designs, Kundan jewelry itself finds its identity due to the jewel setting. This type of jewelry was celebrated throughout the rule from the Mughals and it has become better with many years of experience. One cannot help but spot the finesse where the gems and gold foil are combined to produce jewelry whose glitter can literally drench you in mirth. The imitations carry exactly the same excitement though they’re lighter in your pockets.

The above mentioned pointed out 5 kinds of jewelry are simply couple of drops from the large sea of traditional Indian jewelry. This area has exquisite, diverse, everlasting and different types. The profession within this area requires a competitive brain and inventive ideas. Jewelry pieces are stated to become the passion and closest friend of ladies with India but around the globe.

Indian Jewelry and Indian bracelets offer a giant selection in styles, materials and types to accommodate any taste.



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Indian jewelry is synonymous with marriages in India

Indian jewelry is synonymous with marriages in India

Indian jewelry is synonymous with marriages in India, in fact this is a tradition with Indian people, all over the world.

Why Indian weddings are so unique
Have you ever seen an Indian wedding? Indian weddings are filled with people wearing traditional clothes and traditional jewelry from India. These clothes are very colorful and they are also very unique. And to top it off, they wear the most exquisite jewelry from India.

This kind of jewelry is extremely traditional and they contribute to making an Indian wedding extremely unique. When Indian people get married, they make sure that they have on jewelry that is made up of the most exclusive designs. Most of the time, this jewelry is made to order for these occasions and they help adorn the bride most of all and to some extent, even the bridegroom has on some jewelry.

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Indian jewelry is also very traditional

Depending upon the situation of the couple getting married, there are occasions when the jewelry is passed down through the centuries – this is a kind of tradition in India. This is especially true in the case of royal families or very rich families.

In such cases, there is no need to buy jewelry as these families pass on the jewelry that they have accumulated over the years. Thus as some of this jewelry is very ancient, it is extremely exquisite and rare. This jewelry is then passed on to the next generation and as such it is not just rare, but it is priceless.

All types of rare jewelry from India
Jewelry from India has now become extremely popular all over the globe, with people from all walks of life. And one of the main reasons for this is that this jewelry is very exquisite and there are so many different kinds of this jewelry from India that are available and all of them have their own unique touch.

Jewelry from India is made from so many different kinds of designing techniques. Some of the techniques that are used include the likes of: Kundan, Meena, Filigree, to name just a few.

Jewelry especially crafted for Indian brides
One of the most popular, most sought after and an extremely famous type of jewelry from India – one that is made especially for Indian brides, is known as Kundan jewelry.

This type of jewelry is made from extremely highly refined gold. The center portion of this kind of jewelry is made from lac. Lac is a resin that is obtained naturally from nature and this is got by hardening the sap of the tree.

Thus, there are so many different and very exquisite kinds of Indian jewelry and this is what makes it so very popular all over the world.

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Indian Jewelry Traditions

Indian Jewelry Traditions

Why Indian bracelets are such a big discussion point

Indian bracelets are not some new kind of jewelry in India and this tradition of making and wearing jewelry in India is an age old one.

Indian Bracelets: A tradition since centuries past

Making all kinds of intricate bracelets and decking themselves with them is a tradition of the people of India for thousands of years. For centuries now, women from India (and men too!) have been wearing all kinds of ornaments – including natural ornaments such as leaves, flowers or some other natural stuff.
One of the major features of bracelets from India is that no matter what your attire is – a wedding dress, ball gown, Indian sari or a micro mini, these bracelets will go well and make your dress and you stand out. In fact, no outfit can really be complete without bracelets from India. If you want your presence to be marked and noticed, wearing bracelets of Indian origin are definitely going to help you in flaunting what you are wearing, as well as your looks.

A very vast variety of Indian bracelets

There are so many thousands of ethnic bracelets that can be obtained from India and these can be bought almost anywhere in the world. These bracelet designs are created with a fusion of all kinds of Indian styles and they are made to suit all kinds of budgets.
Even better is that there are so many different bracelet options to choose from: bracelets made from gold, sterling silver bracelets, pearl bracelets, polished platinum bracelets, diamond bracelets and even bracelets made from all kinds of inexpensive materials.

Indian Jewelry: Not just for special occasions.

People do not wear bracelet jewelry from India only in front of large audiences; people also love boasting about these kinds of bracelets, when they have small parties or even when they are in front of a small audience.
You may not believe this, but there are all parts in India, that have made their name from all different kinds of bracelets. For example, Southern India is very famous for its temple jewelry while Western India has all kinds of mirrors and stones embedded in their ornaments. Carvings from Northern India are famous all over the globe and Eastern India is famous for its bracelets made from beads.

A big point of discussion

Whether it is gold or silver or just something made from ordinary material, Indian bracelets are always a big point of discussion among girls and women.

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Indian bracelets are expensive – MYTH

Indian bracelets are expensive – MYTH!

There is a huge demand for Indian bracelets all over the world today because more and more people are beginning to realize their beauty and appeal.

Big demand for this variety of Indian bracelets

There is a big order for bracelets in India and the best news is that they can quite easily be acquired. As these bracelets are much sought after, they are easily obtainable as producers of these bracelets have now woken up to the big demand of this market.
You do not have to use any kind of special tactics to get hold of these beautiful bracelets as they can be obtained in many stores and even online – though it may definitely be more than just a bit difficult to get them at one of your local stores.

What do you do when you want to shop for Indian bracelets?

If you are worrying that you cannot get these bracelets of Indian origin, at a store near you, then you can rest assured that you would still be able to get them with great ease, from other places. Though, when you plan on purchasing these bracelets, there are a couple of things that you must keep in mind.
For one, you must take in to consideration, where is it that you want to buy these bracelets from. This is a very important point to be taken into consideration as this would be determining whether or not you will be getting what your money is worth.
Secondly, you must have a budget in mind. You can do this by determining where you are going to buy these bracelets from or you can first decide your budget and then decide where you want to buy the bracelets from – the choice is totally up to you!

These bracelets are expensive – MYTH!

This is a total myth and these bracelets have a huge price range – ranging from very expensive – to extremely inexpensive. So, unless you have a fortune to spend on bracelets, it is best that you decide on how much you are going to spend, before you go shopping for bracelets from India. Therefore, decide as to how much you are comfortable spending before you shop.
Now that you have made up your mind that you are definitely set on buying these bracelets, where do you buy them from? There are many traditional stores as well as online stores – and from these you can be sure that you will get all kinds of Indian bracelets, at all kinds of prices.

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Exotic Indian Jewelry

Exotic Indian Jewelry

The secret behind the exquisiteness of Indian jewelry and Indian women

Indian jewelry is as admired for its exotic looks, as are Indian women admired for theirs.

What is the secret behind the beauty of Indian women?

There can be no doubt about it at all, Indian women have very exotic looks – and the beauty of Indian women is quite evident from the fact that more and more women from India are now winning world famous beauty pageants.
Perhaps one of the biggest secrets to the exotic beauty of Indian women lies in her adorning herself with exquisitely crafted jewelry from India. Jewelry is one of the most important things in the life of an Indian woman!

Exotic Indian jewelry - Indian necklace

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All sorts of exquisite jewelry

India is filled with so many cultures as there are so many different regions in India and as a result of these many different regions and diversity in cultures – the result is a broad variety of jewelry. This is because people that belong to the different regions and assorted cultures in India, follow their own traditional ways of craftsmanship and the result is unique styles that are specific to a particular people of a particular area.
When people get married in India, it is the jewelry that plays an important role in the wedding ceremony. The jewelry makes the wedding rich and unique.

Indian jewelry - amber and turquoise necklace

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Indian jewelry is rich and filled with tradition

When certain people get married in India, they make it a point to buy a great amount of jewelry – as much as they can afford in fact. This is because jewelry is considered to be lucky and as the couple is getting married – the more jewelry they have – it is symbolic of more wealth and good luck in their wedded journey in the future.
On the grand occasion of her wedding, the Indian bride is adorned with all types of jewelry – from head to toe. This jewelry is then passed down from generation to generation – it is a tradition to do this.

Various designing techniques in Indian Jewelry

To design jewelry in India, various kinds of designing techniques are made use of and these include the likes of Meena, Filigree and Kundan works. Kundan jewelry is made out of gold and it is very refined. This type of jewelry is one of the most famous forms of Indian ornaments worn by brides for their weddings.
Today, all kinds of modern, as well as old fashioned Indian jewelry, can be obtained anywhere in the world – for any person looking for exquisite jewelry from India.

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Indian Jewelry in Exceptional

Indian Jewelry in Exceptional

Indian jewelry will blow your mind

There are many people all over the world who just love adding Indian jewelry to their choice of accessories.

The one choice 

When it comes to buying jewelry, for whatever the reason, there is really one exceptional choice that is available – jewelry from India. This type of jewelry is extremely traditional and it has roots dating back to many centuries and most people are already aware of this fact.
The designs of this jewelry from India are very traditional and it has a very ethnic feel about it – as though it has been crafted from nature itself.

So many different kinds of  Indian Jewelry

Since centuries, from the days of the Maharajas, through the British Raj, to this day, Indian women have worn all sorts of jewelry – including leaves and flowers, to adorn themselves. Though this tradition may seem kind of quaint and out dated, it is a tradition that has existed since centuries and even today, women in India decorate themselves with this type of natural “jewelry”.
Jewelry from India is very vibrant and extremely colorful and because of this it can accompany any choice of clothes. The real truth regarding jewelry from India is that it is free form and there are no hard and fast rules about it and this is the very reason why it can look well on a woman wearing a sari to a woman wearing a micro-mini.

Indian jewelry of all nature

Jewelry from India is made from all kinds of precious substances such as gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, pearls, bronze and even platinum. True, this jewelry is not at all cheap, but then nothing good is ever cheap. While saying this, it should also be noted that jewelry from India is made to fit every budget.
So whether you are a prince or princess or a President or a CEO or just about anyone, you will always find that you can get jewelry of this kind that will not create a big hole in your pocket.

Ethnic jewelry from India

If you do not have a large budget, you could always buy ethnic jewelry from India. This is the kind of Indian jewelry that is made from wood, stone or some other kind of natural resource. But this jewelry is no less than the other expensive form and it too stands a class apart, enough to blow a person away by its looks and appeal.

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Indian Jewelry is Amazing

Indian Jewelry Is Absolutely Amazing

Indian jewelry is known all over the globe for its very exquisite and intricate designing.

The symbolism of jewelry from India

Jewelry from the land of India is symbolic of great grandeur and ultimate perfection. The history of India is rich and there is not a page in it that does not reflect the deep desire that all Indians have for jewelry.
There is so much of culture and tradition that goes into the creation of this jewelry and it is these very aspects that give the jewelry designs much more diversity. You can be sure of the fact that irrespective of your attire, you will definitely find all kinds of jewelry designs from India, that are bound to enhance the beauty of the clothes you are wearing and of course – you!

Indian jewelry is absolutely unique

Without a shadow of doubt, jewelry from India is famed for its uniqueness. It is not just the techniques used in making of the jewelry or just the design of the jewelry that make it so famous. This jewelry is also an awesome portrayal of everything that Indian art and Indian culture stand for. This is why this jewelry is not only absolutely unique and one of a kind, but it is also priceless.
In India, people do not wear jewelry just as a fashion statement. Jewelry is in fact a way of life in India. This is for the plain and simple reason that wearing jewelry in India is a tradition and people have been wearing jewelry in India since centuries now. In fact not even since centuries, but since thousands of years, from the days of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, to the days of the Rajas and Maharajas, to the present day, people wear jewelry in India for every occasion n and even in their daily routine lives.

Indian Jewelry: An offering to deities

Perhaps India is the only country in the world where jewelry is worn not just by people, but it is also offered to deities in temples located all over India. During festive occasions, as part of an age old tradition, various types of jewelry are used to adorn cows, elephants, horses and camels, in various parts of the country.

A very interesting aspect of jewelry from India is that it is crafted to adorn parts of the head to the toe, of the wearer. Truly, Indian jewelry is nothing short of AMAZING!


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Indian Bracelets for Indian Brides

Indian Bracelets for Indian Brides

Two sets of Indian bracelets for Indian brides

Most Indian brides have at least two sets of Indian bracelets.
Why is this so?
Indian brides love to wear different sets of bracelets for their wedding and also for their engagement party. It is a kind of status symbol that every Indian woman loves to flaunt and make a statement declaring that they have loads of bracelets and jewelry.
The bride would wear totally different bracelets for her engagement party and then yet another different set of bracelets on the day of her wedding. Mostly, the bracelets that are worn for her engagement are of a lesser value as compared to the bracelets that the bride will wear on her wedding day. But this is not necessarily true and it would all depend upon the financial condition of the bride and her family.
Indian bracelets can be simple or complex
The bracelets that an Indian bride will wear for her engagement party are almost always far simpler and less heavier in design as compared to the bracelets that she will wear on her wedding day. Of course, once again, this is not necessarily the norm and it would depend on the economic status of the bride. Along with the bracelets, the Indian bride would also wear earrings, necklaces and other kinds of jewelry for her engagement party.
The bracelets that are worn by the bride for her wedding day and her wedding night are almost always traditional jewelry. Meaning, they are passed on from one generation to the other, as has been a tradition in India, since many hundreds of years.
All kinds of bracelets
The bracelets that almost any Indian bride will wear for her wedding are generally given to her by elder members of her family and they have been passed down from generation to generation. This has always been a custom in India. But of late, there is a change as the bride is much more modern and demanding and hence she would like to have bracelets of her own choosing for her wedding day.
Thus, if they can afford it, Indian brides would get these bracelets custom made for their wedding! Almost always, the bracelets of the bride are very heavy and extravagant and they are guaranteed to attract attention. This is of course done deliberately by the bride as she wants to be the center of attraction on her big day and one way for her to do so is by having only the very best Indian bracelets.

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Indian Gold Bracelets

Indian Gold Bracelets

India’s Exceptional Gold Bracelets

Anyone who’s ever been to India can tell you that gold jewelry is by far the top choice in Indian fashion; gold is truly a timeless classic. The tradition of gold jewelry craftsmanship in India is both ancient and sacred, like most of Indian culture. In fact, the entire Indian subcontinent is widely believed to have the longest continuous heritage of jewelry making in the world: 5,000 years and counting. It’s no wonder then that gold jewelry from India’s top artisans has been a favorite export item since time immemorial.

One tradition that still continues in India today is the significance and tradition of gold bracelets and other gold jewelry within Indian marriages, especially to adorn the bride. It’s truly a breathtaking sight to witness a Hindu bride enter the room in a silk sari and wearing a spectacular array of gold ornaments; you will feel that she has truly been transformed into a goddess. Gold is the most popular choice for most of the jewelry the bride will wear, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, bangles, earrings, anklets, nose rings, and more. They can also be made from platinum, diamonds, or silver depending on the bride’s preference. The various gemstones are also believed to enhance the blessings of various planets in one’s life. The choice of gemstones is often very carefully made, in a culture that places great importance on astrology. The ornaments are highly significant. The bride is truly being considered as a deity, a living goddess, in her marriage ceremony. In a practical sense, the golden ornaments represent the tradition of the bride’s dowry that she is bringing into the marriage union. If you ever get a chance to visit India, you must visit one of the large, multi-story wedding centers there. There will often be an entire floor of nothing but Indian gold jewelry, with every kind of gemstone and design imaginable. You can choose your own settings and have everything custom made to your every heart’s desire. The prices are quite affordable, and you will walk away with a true keepsake that everyone will envy.

Would you like to tap into your own Indian Inner Goddess? Here’s a bracelet traditionally made without being too flashy that I just love to go shopping at Amazon. Here you can find a great example of a high quality Indian gold bracelet with excellent detail work.

Gold Over Sterling Silver Round-Cut Emerald and Diamond Accent Royal Indian Bracelet-

Click on bracelet for more information and prices.

This item is called “Gold Over Sterling Silver Round-Cut Emerald and Diamond Accent Royal Indian Bracelet”- offered for sale by Joolwe Online Jewelry Store. It was created from gold over sterling silver, with square cut frames featuring miniature studs and exquisite designs of scroll work with diamond accents. The round-cut emeralds truly complete the look of high-class royalty. All of the stones used in this piece are 100% natural and untreated. It’s offered at an exceptional price given the quality and limited supply of the product.

Indian Gold bracelets are investments that never go out of style. Look for these latest trends when shopping for your gold bracelet:
-ornate designs that incorporate floral elements
-diamond or tear drop shaped centers
- pearls

Happy Shopping!


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Navajo Handmade Jewelry

Navajo Handmade Jewelry

Interesting Facts About Navajo Handmade Jewelry

About Navajo Tribe and Jewelry

Navajo are a set of tribal people who migrated to southwest America around 600 years ago. They are one of the largest tribes of Native Americans. Initially, they were herders and farmers. Later they developed skills of silversmithing and evolved into one of the excellent jewelry designers with the association of the Spaniards.

Today, Navajo handmade jewelry is very popular and are made of various materials such as; turquoise, silver, malachite, lapis lazuli, etc. Usage of various oyster shells and onyx are also seen in these jewels. Some of the Navajo handmade jewelry includes necklaces, tobacco flasks, bracelets, buckles, hair jewelry, earrings, bolos, and even pins.

Initially, the materials used for the jewelry were only the ones that were easily available in the locality of the tribe. Later slowly designs and materials have evolved according to the development of the technology and exposure of the people and currently various types of materials and gemstones are being used.

However, regardless of the transformation of technology and designs, the demand for handmade jewelry has not come down. The Navajo jewelry is still mostly handcrafted to meet the demands.

Specialty Designs of Navajo Handmade Jewelry:

There are numerous exquisite patterns of Navajo Jewelry such as; symbols of nature and animals, as well as historical figures. The energy of the tribe is reflected in each of the pieces projecting their lifestyle. There are extraordinary artworks that portray the culture and history of the Navajos.

Atsidi Sani was the first silversmith of the Navajo tribe who later trained his sons in the same field. Tommy Singer is another popular silversmith. The most popular feature of the Navajo handmade jewelry is using beads. The quantity and quality of beads present in the jewelry indicates the wealth, authority, and status of the owner.

The key specialty of Navajo jewelry is that both men as well as women can wear these and the options are endless.

Popular Models of Navajo Handmade Jewelry:

The most significant beads, which are a part of the Navajo culture, are the Wampun beads and Heishi beads.

Heishi beads are one of the oldest versions found in New Mexico. These beads are found in the shape of small tubes and discs and are made of polished stones and organic shells. The word Heishi means ‘shell necklace’. It takes 2 days to 2 weeks to make these Heishi into strings and these are really smooth. Heishi strings made of corals, turqoise, lapis, and carnelians, are very popular.

Wampum beads are considered very sacred and are quite old. These were earlier made of shells and are currently made of gemstones. At times Wampun beads are made using coins too. These are made from various materials that includes whelk shells, quahog with purple and white heads, or clam shells that are really hard.

Naja Sets are another popular types, which were borrowed from Spaniards and these Navajo handmade jewelry were made of coins, metal, silver, or beads and have various designs such as; flowers, beans, and snakes.

Squash blossom necklace is another popular model, which is said to be a modification of the Naja sets. These have ornate designs made of shell and turquoise. These also contain designs of sacred animals.


Navajo handmade jewelry is truly a wonderful collection of artwork that is very affordable with huge range of collections for both men and women.

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Indian Bracelets Costume Jewelry

Indian Bracelets Costume Jewelry

Emerging vivid costume Indian bracelets

No wonder today’s world is familiar with exotic Indian jewelery not only gold based but the expanding market of gem , silver, kundan and artificial jeweleries in this huge expanding market the Indian costume jewelry bracelets play and important role regarding to the fact modern women preferring bracelets suitable to their dresses and taste in everyday life as well as in occasions. in a multicultural country like India its natural for a new range costume based bracelets to emerge as from Kashmir to kanyakumarika people wear sarees, suits, frocks, skirts every variety of dress. now coming to the topic, fashion today is in , and we are experimenting every sort of possibilities, from a small scale to a bigger one. if we come to ethnic wear sarees suits its traditionally traditional bracelets of gold combined with gems, American diamonds, expensive rubies , pearls . combinations are undoubtedly in today. choice of gold or silver depends on color, occasion and position. such as gold based in case of golden, red, maroon, yellow and silver or platinum for black, green , blue. brands like anjali, chabra, asmita are getting well known regarding this matter. beginning at a small level but grasping the large market of demanding customers mainly from middle socioeconomic strata who are willing to spend money on costume jewelery. If we come to office ladies wearing frocks or shirt wearing a complementary bracelet changes their average look drastically into a noticeable one, a beautifully shaped hand with trendy bracelet of appropriate size and genre. mainly bright stoned ones for Kurtis, copper or silvered colored planer ones for shirts are in. a combination of two or more thinner ones are deeply suits the skirts and frocks. traditional expensive ones are undoubtedly preferable in parties, gatherings especially a diamond one alone or fused with other material. a matching or contrast bracelet hugely depends on people”s taste. but anything not too much out of place always give you comfortable, eye catching look . today’s world is discovering things over hours , fashion is changing in seconds with introduction of sea products like shells, sandstones , animal shells, corals , these kind of costume jewelry Indian bracelets give the feeling of dreamy sea queen of a fairytale, complements your blue, red or multicolored dress perfectly, brings out inner passion. today nature is so much in also, look out for the trendy collection of woods, flowers, even fruits, the mud is also there. each one these will complement you and your taste in a different way and make you feel differently. eventually it comes to us to bring out our inner design sense and add something new to the cart, a homemade cloth or metal bracelet can easily catch the attention of many, a little modification and credit goes all to you!! which is very common to us Indians! such as a simple but properly placed embroidery, a nit addition stones preferred, a simple stitching or sticking of small junks, complementing the dress or costume. now days co splaying is quite common in young Indian folks so designing and making junk bracelets accordingly by amateurs and professionals are in business here.

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